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    Daddys need cuddles too.
    They need a little hand to hold
    A little voice to tell them its ok
    A little shoulder to lean on.

    I read alot of what a Daddy should do for His little. So here is my list of what a little should do for their Daddy.
    1. Cuddle Him lots. Nothing is better then being held by someone you love.
    2. Tell Him how you feel about Him at random moments, just to see Him smile.
    3. Let Him see how your face lights up when He walks into the room.
    4. Draw Him pretty pictures.
    5. Watch scary movies with Him then cuddle against Him and hide your face against His neck at the scary parts.
    6. Hold Him extra tight when He has had a rough day. Hold on longer than usual.
    7. Ask Him about His day and listen like its the most interesting story in the world. Because it is….its His life.
    8. Tell Him stories and jokes and giggle with Him.
    9. Let Him know that you need Him.
    10. Be His baby girl/kitten or whatever you are, but be His partner too.
    Well here is my list. I probably forgot lots. And will add to it at times.

    Uhm…yes, please.

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    No one will hear your muffled cries…

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    THAT FLINCH! Hnnnggghhh

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    Positive quotes


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