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    mutual satisfaction

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    Me playing with my new toy this thing is fucking amazing!

    I love gif making

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    Happy Easter to all the littles, Daddy Doms and Mummy Doms out there

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    Body or mind… which will I change more? This is a question you will ponder for a very long time…

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    Eager little fuck toy - very keen to please

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  10. Anonymous asked: How do you "train"?



    That depends on the victim… I mean, trainee… 

    Generally, when I ask them about what they hope to learn or experience, it is about control. They want to know what it is like to have to answer to someone. 

    So I will set things such as a bed time, a wake time, sending a picture at each so that I can see they are up or going to bed. 

    Some have asked that I control their diet in one way or another which is more difficult, but usually comes down to a few rules to follow. 

    Of course their orgasms become Mine, as part of the payment for training. From that point on they must get My permission to orgasm, which always comes at a cost, be it a task, or a good grade on a test, or even just being on their best behavior for a good long while. 

    But it all depends on the interests they express. If for example a trainee is interested in verbal humiliation, My email correspondence would become quite aggressive. 

    If they expressed an interest in pain, then daily, or bi-daily tasks, whatever time allows, would have the trainee whimpering during available moments. 

    Perhaps their interest is in physical humiliation. In which case rules such as eating all private meals on the floor like a dog could come into play. 

    It is all about allowing the trainee to experience just a little of their fantasies.