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    I hope this gets taken to heart and passed around.

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    Pale Porn

    need. a, hitachi!!!!

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    She had always been a troublesome girl.  In her last year of high school she didn’t seem to change.  And once again she was sent to detention.

    Only this time it was a bit different.  She was left locked inside a dark room she never knew existed. After some minutes some guys appeared, tied her to a rubber mattress on the floor and left her there

    Then the principal come back and opened the door.  He was calm and with no hurry he lighted a cigarette as he lectured her about what she had done.   She was a bit nervous because of the new situation, but as pert as she always was, she defied him on every sentence and even mocked him. 

    He then smiled.  A wicked smile that froze her almost instantaneously.  He took something from his pocket and crouched by her.  Slowly he took his time to raise her skirt and, pulling her panties from her, he slowly cut a hole both in her cunt and her ass. 

    Then he pulled out his cock and started abusing all her holes at the same time that told her how slut she was, how much she asked for it craving for attention. 

    She moaned and silently let him took her in all her holes.  His story didn’t seem to be so far from reality. Maybe that’s what she was asking for.  Maybe she needed a good determined man that didn’t take her no as something definitive.  Maybe she needed some resolute man to understand what she was asking for…

    As he continued hammering her she moaned and moaned so close to orgasm. Then she shrieked and let a high pitched cry come out from her mouth.  It matched the exact moment when he groaned and exploded inside her.  His cock was throbbing as loads and loads of hot cum spurted inside and over her exposed holes. 

    She was frantic recovering from her recent orgasm, heavily panting as the intense sensations refused to recede.  Her mind lost in the extreme experience she had went through. 

    It took her to almost the last year to realize what she wanted.  So much time to take back. Now that she knew what she wanted…  Would she behave?

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